Our apartments

The five apartments for our guests are all approximately 45m2 but they have a different layout. Four apartments are based on the teachings of the four elements.

Anaximenes saw air (Aria) as the primal element; Thales water (Acqua); Heraclitus fire (Fuoco); the Eleatics the Earth (Terra). All these authentic elements are reflected in the respective apartments. The fifth apartment is based on the Sun & Moon (Sole & Luna).

Each apartment has a private entrance and consists of a cosy living room with open kitchen, equipped with built-in appliances such as a refrigerator with separate freezer, an oven and a hob with extractor. Furthermore there is a modern bathroom with a built-in shower, sink, toilet and bidet. And all apartments have separate bedroom(s) equipped with a double bed.

There is a lot of space around the house, the sunbathing lawn has a swimming pool and several seating areas. Each apartment has a spacious private terrace with a seating area in the sun or shade. Here you can enjoy the panoramic view with a glass of fine wine, read a book or enjoy the sun!