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Sole & Luna

Sole & Luna is an apartment for two people, located on the northeast side of the house and accessible via a number of stairs. This apartment has two spacious private terraces.

Prices of Sole & Luna in 2024

23 Mar. – 10 May
13 Sept. – 26 Oct.
€ 375€ 62
11 May – 14 June
24 Aug. – 13 Sept.
€ 455€ 72
15 juni – 23 Aug.€ 560€ 85

Terra has two bedrooms, the other apartments one. In Aria and Acqua you can stay with four people, in Terra with six. Fuoco and Sole & Luna are single or double.
Prices per night apply for a total stay of less than one week. For consecutive days after one or more weeks, the price per night equals the weekly price divided by 7. See the overview on the Prices page.

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