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There are many opportunities for a successful holiday in the immediate vicinity of Agriturismo Carincone. In every apartment you will find a booklet with extensive information and tips on countless sights, close by and further afield. Below is a brief overview of what you can see around Carincone.


The area around Carincone is called Montaiate. It consists of rolling hills with farmland and forests. In the distance, in the west, the mountains of the Apennines can be seen. On the hills in front of us we regularly observe deer, wild boar, foxes, hares and falcons. There are beautiful walks in the immediate area and you can also go mountain biking. In the villages you will find nice restaurants, often with a beautiful view, where mostly local delicacies are served. From May to November, local festivals are organized throughout the area, the “sagras”. Such a sagra is usually devoted to a culinary specialty, such as truffle, tagliatelle, wine, pork chop and the like. These are fun parties where the food in question is in the spotlight and there are plenty of stalls that sell this in all sorts of varieties. In addition there is local music and dance. These are the places where young and old meet for a fun party.


The town of Pergola, 10 km from Carincone, has more than 6,000 inhabitants and is best known for its “Bronzi Dorati”, a gilt bronze sculpture group from the period 50 before to 30 AD. You can now view them at the local museum. Pergola has beautiful medieval buildings, cozy little village shops (bakery, butcher and the like), three supermarkets and nice little streets with panoramic vistas. Every Saturday morning there is a pleasant market where many local products are sold. This is the place where the locals meet. And so ‘congestion’ is created where all sorts of news are exchanged in the Italian way.


The town of Frontone, 8 km from Carincone, has a very beautiful castle, Castello di Frontone, that has been well preserved. It is located on top of a mountain, and in the street that leads to it there are some good restaurants and a great ice cream parlor. The locals regularly go here in the evening to eat an ice cream and enjoy the beautiful view. You can visit the castle on Saturdays and Sundays, in August every day.

Serra Sant’Abbondio

This is a very atmospheric village at ± 5 km from Carincone. Through an old city gate you enter the main street, with facades in different colors. There is a café with a terrace on a square next to the main street. The espresso is excellent and extremely cheap. This village is also situated on a hill and from the main street there are beautiful views of the landscape below. In the second week of September there is a celebration in honor of the patron saint Sant’Abbondio. On Sunday a competition is held with geese and their attendants as participants: the Palio della Rocca. The villages in the area bring their own goose and the guides, in historical clothing, urge their goose (with sounds and gestures – touching is forbidden) to be the first to cross the finish line. There is a separate race with children as guides. The competition is graced by drum bands, flag sweepers and swordsmen.

Fonte Avellana

Just outside Serra Sant’Abbondio is an old monastery, Fonte Avellana. It is still in use and there is a nice tour to make. The monastery is beautifully situated and the view is breathtaking. There is a store on site where you can buy local products, for example different wines or liqueurs that have been distilled by the residents of the monastery. At the parking place is a sign explaining the walking routes to Monte Catria. If you drive to Monte Catria, you will see a family restaurant with excellent Italian cuisine just outside the monastery.

Monte Catria

The Monte Catria is 30 km from Serra Sant’Abbondio and it is the highest mountain in the Carincone area at 1702 meters. The mountain is part of the central Apennines. On top is a cross and a memorial plaque. There is a parking lot not far below the top, with a restaurant and a children’s playground. The view is beautiful. Cows and horses run free and there are beautiful marked walks.

The Adriatic coast

The coast is 40 km from Carincone and is easily accessible. The first place on the coast is Marotta, a cozy place with the charm of a small scale. There are alternating sandy and pebble beaches and you can eat excellent fresh fish in one of the many fish restaurants. There are several places where you can rent beach chairs, but also plenty of quieter places that are freely accessible.
A little further and more touristy is Senigallia, a nice seaside resort with beautiful sandy beaches. Here you can stroll along the boulevard. In the summer, parties or pleasant fairs are regularly organized.
A somewhat larger place is Fano, a historic city with a beautiful old center with nice shops and restaurants. The beaches are wide and mainly sandy.

National park “Gola della Rossa e di Frasassi”

In addition to its mountain landscape, this natural park is known for its impressive stalactite caves that you can discover in different ways: from a simple group excursion to exciting game tours.

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